We are an ever-evolving platform designed to ignite true wellness within the black community.

Our Story

At the time of launching Strickly Queens I noticed the broader conversations that black women were starting to have. So many of us were going through a journey, of what I will call self-discovery. The more I listened, the more I discovered that I needed a space that enabled these types of conversations. Cliche, but I think it’s fair to say ‘I wanted to create something for me’ but most importantly,what other like minded women could relate to. Black women share an undeniable connection that only we can understand. Not just connection through our social injustice, past down trauma or miss representation but through our realness as Queens.

Strickly Queens endeavor to elevate and strengthen the consciousness of our community, by creating these sacred experiences that trigger self work. We believe that the biggest commitment we could have to our nation and ourselves is becoming more active about our well being. We encourage practicing a healthier livity within your mind, body and spirituality as this is when we are at our highest level of being. Our events take pride in sisterhood, healing and elevation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the interior of our nation by equipping our women with the right resources to invite higher energy into our lives.

Faces behind the brand


Hey, I’m Ukaylah. Usually I refrain from conforming to titles as I feel it is very limiting, however if I was to describe myself professionally it would be a wellness advocate/entrepreneur. Understanding the importance of being gentle with myself on my own journey, I allow Strickly Queens to be a free flowing platform welcoming all black women that are seeking sisterhood, healing, guidance and love to relate to it in their own way.

When I experience strickly queens I am able to EXHALE. I feel most at home around my people, no matter where we are. To be able to push barriers within ourselves, and open up ourselves to abundance brings a different type of vibration that cannot be described.

Head of Production / Project Manager

With a passion for mindset and well being, Rauvae is responsible for organising projects and events. Developing new Initiatives for Strickly Queens and sourcing partnership opportunities.

Head of communication / In house nutritionist

Nia is a strong advocate of adopting a natural and holistic lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually. She is responsible for the communication between organisations and managing brand reputation for strickly Queens.