What does it mean to manifest? When we speak about ‘manifesting’ we are talking about the process of bringing something into reality. From spiritual form into physical form. Something that was unseen to where it has now shown up visually.

What does it take to manifest and bring our goals into reality? How do we do this to attain the lifestyle we want to live? There are many ways you can manifest your desires, here are some steps to help you.

Understand your Power

Firstly, begin to understand your true power. When we tap into this, we understand that we are God’s highest form of creation and abundance is a birthright. Therefore, we deserve to receive an overflow of blessings and are very capable of achieving the extreme. Instead of limiting our minds to what we think is possible, develop the mindset that anything is possible. This simple acknowledgment can also be an affirmation to remind yourself of your power.

Decide and Write it down

What exactly do you want to manifest? Decide, set your intention, and write it down. When we do this, we are already bringing what was once an unseen creation in our mind, into the physical world. But most importantly, it allows us to crystalise our goal and become clear on what we want.


To create the life we want, we must ask the Creator to make it possible. Pray. Ask God for what you want. When we speak to God, he listens. God is the source to make all things possible. God will equip you with resources, strength, and courage to manifest your desires. Just connect with him, ask, and listen. Also, thank God for what he has already given you. Gratitude multiplies your faith. As we manifest what we want, let us be grateful for what we already have.

Photo by Pixabay

Have Faith

The journey of manifesting your desires may be challenging and sometimes seem farfetched. Faith is important as your ability to manifest is rooted in your belief. When our faith is strong, we do not give up easily when things seem difficult. We understand the process and trust diving timing.

Think about it this way. When you write your goal down, you are writing yourself a receipt. Just like if you ordered a pair of trainers, you would receive a receipt to let you know your order is on its way. It’s confirmed and you have this evidence. So when you write your goal, you are writing your own receipt confirming that your goal is on its way. It just needs to go through a process to be delivered. The process may not go as we expected, but faith is having this receipt and knowing your goal is on its way no matter how long it takes to come.

Remove Barriers

Remove anything that is in your way or stopping you from achieving your goals. What do you need to overcome to make it happen? Fear? Doubt? Lack of skill or money? Do you need to step outside your comfort zone? Do you need to stay away from negative opinions? Whatever it is…Remove it and overcome it.

Affirm and Attract

Our words carry energy. As we speak out positivity, we are attracting the same energy back. Therefore, affirming your desires is a powerful tool to attract what you want in life.

Speak your desires in the past tense as if it has already happened. “I am so happy and grateful now that…”. When we do this, we are speaking as if our goals have already been achieved. As we affirm, we are claiming our goal spiritually, now it is about letting the physical catch up.


Close your eyes and create an image of what you want to manifest. What does it feel like? What does it look like? You can use mediation to visualise or even create a vision board. Whatever works best for you.

Get to Work

Finally, time to get to work and really make our dreams a reality. Faith without work is dead. Do what needs to be done. Take action with your goals. If we truly believe, then we will get to work and claim what is ours.